The State of 650B Rim Brake Compatible Rims

What are the rim brake compatible (non-disc) 650B rims these days? Below is a table of options. Most are made by Velocity (including the below offerings from Pacenti and Soma). I hope this is useful for all of the dozens (literally dozens) of readers!

Make Model Inner Width Outer Width Depth Weight ERD Availability Drilling(s) Price Notes
Alex DM18 18.4mm 24.4mm 520g 569.2mm silver/black
Alex X2200 19.0mm 24.4mm 485g 557.1mm black
Ambrosio Keba AKA ‘Confrerie’ 530g 550mm limited 36 4,600 yen double eyeleted, polished
Araya TX-310F 17mm 23.2mm 14.7mm 520g 36 33.33 € double walled, eyeleted
Grand Bois 650B rim 17mm 23mm 466g 568mm 32, 36 $ 98.00 silver
HED Belgium Plus 23mm 25mm 24mm 462g 28, 32 $ 150.00 tubeless-ready
Pacenti Brevet 19mm 23mm 15.0mm 430g 574mm 28, 32, 36 $ 98.00 silver
Pacenti PL23 18mm 23mm 15.5mm 454g 573mm OOP 28, 32, 36 $ 90.00 black, silver
Pacenti SL23 20.3mm 24.5mm 26mm 420g 550mm OOP 28, 32, 36 $ 104.00 black, silver
Ryde Zac 421 21mm 28mm 22mm 605g 567mm Ryde 32, 26 black, silver
Soma El Nino 24 Rain Rim 19.9mm 24.4mm 16.1mm 540g 565.8mm Soma/Merry Sales 32, 26 $ 89.99 eyeleted, grey hard anodized
Soma Weymouth 19mm 24.4mm 16.1mm 540g 565.8mm 32, 36 $ 59.99 polished
Sun CR18 18mm 22.5mm 15mm 505g 574mm limited 32 $ 33.00 silver
SunXCD Randonneur 17mm 22mm 19.2mm coming soon 32, 36 silver
Velo Orange Diagonale 25mm 550g 570mm 32, 36 $ 69.00 double walled, polished Al with steel eyelets
Velocity A23 18mm 23mm 19.5mm 425g 562mm stated / 568mm measured 32, 36 $ 90.99 black, silver, polished, tubeless ready
Velocity A23 O/C 18mm 23mm 19.5mm 435g 560mm stated / 568mm measured 32, 36 $ 96.99 black, silver, polished
Velocity Atlas 19.8mm 25.4mm 18mm 590g 569mm 32, 36 $ 87.99 silver, polished
Velocity Cliffhanger 25mm 30mm 20mm 625g 558mm 32, 36, 40 $ 90.99 black, polished, reflective
Velocity Dyad 18.6mm 24mm 22mm 495g 560mm 32, 36 $ 78.99 black, silver
Velocity Synergy 23mm 18mm 490g 567mm OOP 28, 32, 36 $ 64.95
Velocity Synergy O/C 23mm 18mm 490g 567mm OOP 28, 32, 36 $ 64.95
Velocity Twin Hollow 22mm 14mm 480g 576mm limited 36 $ 41.99 silver
Weinmann ZAC-19 564mm unknown

Measurements above are given in millimeters and grams. Pricing may vary, prices given above are base prices from the Interwebs. Some of the polished Velocity rims are $30 more.

If I’ve missed anything or if you can fill in the gaps above, please leave a comment and I’ll incorporate it into the table.